How it all began…

I have always wanted to be able to sew. But it’s only this year that I have really seen my sewing start to take off. Now, in fact, it’s becoming a serious obsession.

Since my daughter was born I have found it difficult to relax. I was quite taken aback by the feelings of guilt that hit you when you have a child, over nothing. So I couldn’t leave her for a nap and just watch TV, I felt I had to be doing something for her. I remember thinking that Mums craft things for their children, and as long as I was making something for her I was still looking after her by sewing her clothes. All part of the postpartum lunacy that I think I’m still suffering from.

Once she settled into a slightly predictable routine I found I could dedicate an hour and a half of my two days with her to sewing. My goodness if something interrupts that precious time! Yes, I might have turned down an afternoon invite or two – that’s obsessive, right?

What is my experience of sewing? Well, I’ve always wanted to be good at it. I put a couple of simple dresses together nearly 20 years ago, nothing wearable and mostly fused together with wonder-web. See, I’m going to age myself here – I wanted to sew before YouTube was invented and that is why I failed. Yes my dear mother, full of skills, tried her best to grit her teeth and show me what to do, but her loathing of the sport didn’t quite get me the results I wanted. So my sewing machine and box of little things that I’ve picked up for no other reason than “oooh pretty” stayed upstairs with my silent saxophone, beading kit and scrap-booking paper.

Back to feeling guilty that even though my daughter is asleep I should be making her life more whole somehow… I decided I wanted to make her some dungarees. I don’t know where that came from but of course, in my head I was already imagining her nursery telling me at pick up, “we love her dungarees and here is a list of parents who want you to make them some“. I got a pattern, “average” it said on the packet. Ok, I’ll just take my time and read the instructions, I said to myself. I cut out all the pieces, cut out the fabric (I don’t love that bit) and promptly decided that I had been over ambitious with my plans.

Off I went back to the haberdashery at John Lewis and searched for “basic”, “easy” and “super quick”. After finding a simple dress pattern, I bought some super cheap cotton and that is when my obsession really started.

That was nearly a year ago, and I’ve learned so much since – I’ve made loads of dungarees! But I am very much still beginning and I want to blog about my sewing journey and a few other things along the way.

IMG_3242 (2)

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