About me


Have a read of How it all began…to read how my sewing journey started. Fast forward a couple of years and here I am. I use sewing and any sewing related reading, planning and thinking as a way to relax and enjoy life. I have had a break from it, but am itching to get back in. I’m tonnes better at it than I used to be, but I certainly can’t make things fit properly or adjust anything – so there’s no point bringing me your skirt to take in. I wouldn’t know where to start.

I probably make more for me than Hazel at the moment. She’s at an age where she only wears leggings and t-shirts, so there’s not much point in me making those. I have never made any home furnishings or anything other than clothes. It doesn’t interest me much, but I do have a need for new cushions so I might have to.fb_img_15345441264852019079127928190109.jpg

My other passions in life are “wellness”, where I am faithfully trying to follow the Harrison Methodology and eat, move, rest, repeat in the best way I can. I’m absolutely at the beginning of that journey.



I have a lot of opinions on education. I’ve been a primary school teacher for 13 years with various additional responsibilities and qualifications. There is a LOT wrong with the English Education system, SATs and Ofsted. Don’t get me started on academys.



I have an over active brain which leads me to suffer from heightened anxiety if I don’t keep it occupied with several projects at once. Currently I am renovating a house, training a puppy, doing 5 days work a week in 3, raising a four year old, training my body and learning to eat plant based. I was meant to start another Masters’ degree in September, but alas they don’t like that I’m part time. At the top of my list is my precious daughter Hazel, without her I would never have started my sewing journey nor would I have the motivation to be the best version of myself I can be.